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Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

Home of Your One Man Advertising Department


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Here at the CheapAdAgency.com I know that a television commercial is the ultimate choice for people who want to create an overnite name impression to a large amount of people for their business or service. It's the vehicle most used by companies who want to not only create their name impression quickly but want to keep it there for a protracted period. And like everything else, it requires a budget that can sustain it over the long haul. Because, just like companies similar to Geico that have created a ubiquitous presence on the tube, they understand that once they stop, their recognition factor will plummet exponentially. It's just the nature of the beast. So if you're interested in creating a Geico-like presence on cable TV where you're more likely to afford it, let's talk creative and time buys. Although I'm cheap, I can't give you prices like the cheap guys who are only set up to crank the spots out, but I can give you cheap prices nevertheless for the top notch planning and prep work that makes spots worth pursuing.  Cheap is best, and I'll prove it every time!

You're watching these spots on a small venue, copied to play on this site just as you see them. But all the originals are first rate, crisp, clear, broadcast quality products produced by a variety of production houses I utilize to shoot and edit all my spots. Imagine your business or service appearing on local or national cable.