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Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

Home of Your One Man Advertising Department


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Here at the CheapAdAgency.com I know that a killer Powerpoint presentation can "slay them" at your meeting. Whether you're presenting to one or over one hundred, a professional PPT presentation can be the big difference between a yes and a no response to your earnest bid for business. Bullet point or storytelling, the delivery is up to you. But suffice it to say that you want them alert and following along for the duration. That's more apt to happen if your slides are interstingly prepared and clearly understood. I'll charge you one low price per slide so you can plan your budget to include a maximum amount of slides necessary for the task at hand. You create the content; I'll create the look. Or, if you have a prerequisite for style, I can accommodate you there as well. We can accomplish success in this area together. Here's a small sampling of the many slides I have delivered.  Cheap is best, and I'll prove it every time!

You can choose just to watch as the samples go by or you can hover over one with your cursor to stop the movement, then click on it to enlarge it for closer scrutiny. Use the arrows to manually go through them left and right .