Cheap Newspaper

and Magazine Ads

Cheap Ad Agency makes your Newspaper and Magazine ad dollars work harder for you

by delivering professional, hard-hitting cheap Newspaper and Magazine ads

designed to put your potential customers in a ready-to-buy mood.

Welcome to where cheap is a good thing.

  I’ll conceptualize, write, design and deliver your finished cheap Newspaper and Magazine ads to you, each as a hi-res .pdf file ready for publication.  Cheap Ad Agency makes your ad space budget pay off by delivering attention-getting products that work harder to get you business each and every time they run. You’ll pay just one low price for cheap Newspaper and Magazine ads that you can run over and over again without ever having to reach into your wallet and come up with expensive agency commissions. You’ll always get the same attention to detail and top notch quality work without having to pay ridiculously high prices.  Cheap is best and I’ll prove it!

   WHAT WILL IT COST: Full page cheap Newspaper and Magazine ads up to 10” wide by 13” deep, in your choice of full color or black & white, similar to all the samples on this page, are $485 each.  Cheap is best and I’ll prove it! 

See my price page for complete instructions and how to get started; you’ll also find pricing for smaller ads, as well.


Cheap Ad Agency knows newspaper and magazine advertising, as you can see by the 33 random samples above, selected from a long career in retail advertising.  With cheap newspaper and magazine ads like these, you’ll be able to enter any arena and compete on the highest level, for far less than you’d ever expect to pay everywhere else. 

Imagine getting an ad like these for $485.--it’s absolutely unheard of.  Cheap is best, and I’ll prove it! 

                                                        Thinking about Classified? - Specializes in the placement of national newspaper classified advertising at bulk, discounted rates. National & Regional programs available  


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Let's discuss the meanings of the word “cheap” here at the When you enable a search for something “cheap” for instance, you're really asking for me to create something for you that's going to be cost-effective, inexpensive, low in price, and certainly a bargain over other places that offer seemingly equal work.  I assume you're looking for first-rate work that's inexpensive, low-cost, competitive, reasonable, budget-priced, reduced, cut-rate, rock-bottom priced; bargain basement, if you will.  I could also have used the words dirt-cheap, economical, discounted, giveaway, and low end, but I decided to go with cheap.  So whatever work I perform for you at a discount, rest assured that it will be first rate and nothing less than first rate. 

Cheap is best and I'll prove it every time.