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Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

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Here at the CheapAdAgency.com I know that a really great radio spot can be a memorable reminder of what your business is all about. Factor in some intelligent time buys and you're in show business over the airwaves. Wherever people work or relax you can bet they have access to a radio.When the weather outside is delightful, or even when it's frightful, your message can be heard blaring on the beaches, parkways, patios, inside moving vehicles,  from anywhere--indoors or out. Depending on what demographic your aiming at will determine what programming you're using to have your commercial heard. Buying time intelligently with a commercial made to influence, be memorable, clever, and noticeable is what I do. I'm cheap but you can buy cheaper direct from the station or a churn-out studio. You can get quality spots from me like my samples below.  Cheap is best, and I'll prove it every time!

The Salute

The Alert

Crazy Freddy

The Rap

Country Mazda

Star Spanish

Special Week


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