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Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

Home of Your One Man Advertising Department

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Here at the CheapAdAgency.com I understand that sending out postcards might be something necessary for some businesses and a great way to connect with your constituency on a one to one basis. In spite of all the advances provided by an internet presence, the good old fashioned postcard might be still be the most affordable direct mail success. And deservedly so. It's a time tested device that seems to gain the attention of all who receive it; a great way to  notify the recipient of an upcomimg event, a brand new service introduction, or a sales experience you think they should not miss. Although some postcard size devices like scratchoffs could tend to be a little pricey, the average postcard, available in a variety of sizes, might just be the most economical way for you to connect.  Here are some samples of some postcard work that I have done, and yes, even some scratchoffs. Cheap is best, and I'll prove it every time!

You can choose just to watch as the samples go by or you can hover over one with your cursor to stop the movement, then click on it to enlarge it for closer scrutiny. Use the arrows to manually go through them left and right .